Buy Land And Build Custom Home In Scottsdale Arizona

Buy Land And Build Custom Home In Scottsdale Arizona
Buy Land and Build Custom Home in Scottsdale Arizona at Peak One Builders is a Veteran-Owned General Contracting Company Serving Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona. Call (480) 481-5150 today for a free consultation.

Video Transcription:

Hi I’m Mike Christensen the owner of Peak One Builders and I’m here to talk to you about a vacant piece of land that we have that we’re looking to build a custom home for you on. This piece of property that we’re offering here today is a 1.67 acre piece of land out in the Rio Verde area. This piece of land has opportunity to have a house that faces to the south or to the west. It does have water and power brought to it and we’re ready to build the house of your dreams. We do have floor plans available, we’ve designed one specifically for this property but we also have a multitude of other floor plans that you can pick from, as well as designing from a floor plan that maybe you like portions of it and you’d want us to design a little bit more of it to fit this specific lot to get the views of Four Peaks, Granite Mountain, and just the beautiful desert sky.

This property, the general area that it’s in, and the surrounding North Scottsdale area, offers a lot of amenities. Right now we’re standing in an area where horseback riding is prevalent. There’s quads, motorcycle riding, there’s mountain biking around adjacent mountains and there’s a river not too far down the road from here. There’s starry nights and we’re minutes away from championship golf courses in Troon and the Rio Verde area.

This piece of property is owned by Peak One Builders and we are willing to work with you through the entire build process by subordinating the lot to you during the construction process where we can work that in with your loan and so you’re not paying all those upfront costs. As well as being an open and honest builder with you telling you what we feel should be done and then taking all your interests in mind with building the property from start to finish.
If you’re interested in this lot, the next thing to do would be to bring you out to the lot, walk all 4 corners, understand all the views, understand the roads the traffic patterns and help you decide where the areas of privacy that you would like- where would you like to put the garage, just really understanding your overall needs and wants and coordinating that with you on the property itself to maintain good privacy, getting every view that you possibly can of Four Peaks or Granite Mountain.

If you’d like to take this lot or one of our other available lots we’d be willing to work with you through the conceptual phase, the design phase where we’re creating an actual floor plan and a full set of construction documents to get a permit. That time frame is typically around 60 days total to get you to the point where we’re submitting for a permit. The permit process can vary, usually about 6 to 8 weeks and then the build time for a normal 3500 square foot house is about 7 months depending on the level of your finish and the complexity of the design.

The benefits of going with Peak One Builders on this lot or one of our other available lots is that we’re going to be a one stop shop for you. Yes you can go out and buy a home right now that’s available for you, but we’re going to build a house that’s tailored to your needs, your wants and exactly how you want it. We are going to give you everything you want in the house of your dreams.
We’re excited about building a relationship with you that’s going to last a lifetime.

If you’re interested in building a custom home on this lot or on one of our other available lots please give us a call at (480) 481 5150 or visit our website at

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Buy Land And Build Custom Home In Scottsdale Arizona
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