Home Tour | Small Family Home in Phoenix, Arizona

Home Tour | Small Family Home in Phoenix, Arizona
Hello everyone, welcome to our home. This home tour has been a long time coming for many of the fellow wealth builders. I didn’t want this home tour video to be incredibly long so I kept it as short and sweet as possible. Feel free to request additional, more in-depth, videos of the rooms you see here today. This small family home is in Phoenix, AZ. Thank you so much and don’t forget to hit that like button for our channel mascot Daisy 🐢

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Home Tour | Small Family Home in Phoenix, Arizona

13 thoughts on “Home Tour | Small Family Home in Phoenix, Arizona”

  1. Favorite Disney movie, probably Lady and the Tramp. We do need coats in CA.
    Arizona is on our list to reconnoiter for a potential retirement home. It would be a huge change as I have lived in a beach city 95% of my life. Continuing to live where we live now seems financially impossible in retirement.

  2. You have such a nice home! My favorite Disney movies are Beauty and the Beast and Finding Nemo. We are definitely #teampotter here. We own all the movies and have done winter weekend Harry Potter marathons a few times over the years, including just this past Winter. And yes, we have to have a coat closet here. Midwest winters are cold and snowy.

  3. Have you considered turning your place into an "airbnb"? If you are looking to make some money, you might want to look into it – I don't know everything that is involved – but I myself have stayed in three airbnb places. I am about to travel from Rochester, NY to NYC and I am staying in an airbnb in Brooklyn, NY in someone's apartment. It is so much cheaper generally to stay in someone's place than to stay in a hotel or motel. I think you should consider it. Beautiful house – I visited Phoenix, AZ many years ago but the heat really got to me – it was too too hot for me – but I did enjoy my stay – that was long before Airbnb came along.

  4. Cute house. I ❀️ Disney too. I❀️ too many of the movies to pick one. 😁

  5. from Ireland, a country where coats are definitely needed, though we actually had a 4 week spell of fab weather and heat we are on day 2 of rain

  6. Love the Master Chief spartan helmet in the office. One of my husband's favorite game series! He and our 6yo son beat Halo 1 together and have started Halo 2. Carrying on the legacy haha

  7. Hi you have a Beautiful Home and Lovely Wife also a Cute Doggy. My Favorite Disney movie I have too many maybe Wreck It Ralph. Also I'm from Oahu, Hawaii no coat closet here. But Thank You for sharing very beautiful.☺

  8. The more I watch, the more I like. I used to live in the Phoenix area. Spent a lot of time in Mesa and Apache Junction. Will be in Scottsdale soon. We live in Indiana. Coats are a must. πŸ™‚

  9. Omaha, NE. Coats are a must! Just had snow today! Love the house! Thank you for the tour. Could never have the laundry outside here. It is too cold. The pipes and laundry would freeze. We have a basement and that is where the laundry is.

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