Scottsdale Arizona Custom Home Builders Fratantoni Luxury Estates

Scottsdale Arizona Custom Home Builders Fratantoni Luxury Estates
Jaw dropping luxury homes! See some of the most extraordinary mansions and meet the powerhouse couple behind one of Arizona’s most admired and trusted custom homebuilding companies – Fratantoni Luxury Estates. Known as the homebuilder for creating exquisite homes on the grandest of scales, elegant family estates and unbelievable mansions throughout the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley area, Sam and Josie Fratantoni set the standard for the ultimate in luxury homes in the Valley.

From mansions in the Upper Canyon of Silverleaf to family estates around Valley, see video of some of the most amazing homes and real estate around and find out just why Fratantoni Luxury Estates has earned a reputation for excellence from the clients themselves.

The Fratantoni Luxury Estates corporate branding video takes you behind the scenes of the building of these magnificent custom homes, lets you hear from the clients themselves and shows why the Fratantoni’s offer much more than your average custom homebuilder. It’s time to start thinking about turning your dream home into a reality. The journey begins here.

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Scottsdale Arizona Custom Home Builders Fratantoni Luxury Estates

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  2. depends on the lot size,the size of the house,and how expensive is the art and furniture that goes inside.

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